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Ordeal Induction Weekend

October 08, 2020

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for registering to complete your ordeal in Unami Lodge, at the Fall Ordeal Weekend at Musser Scout Reservation – Camp Hart this coming weekend, Friday October 9th – Saturday October 10th. We are looking forward to seeing you this weekend and joining our lodge.

Because of Covid-19, there are specific procedures that will need to be followed, so we wanted to get a communication out to each of you to break it down for you so everyone is aware of our safety measures:

First and foremost, if you are not feeling well and/or have a temperature of 100F or higher you must stay home. We appreciate your enthusiasm, but we want you to rest-up and feel better and not spread your illness to others. During the weekend, we will be following all COVID safety procedures, so be sure to wear your mask at all times and maintain a 6ft distance from others when possible.

Check-IN Process

  • Between 6:00pm and 9:00pm vehicles with candidates will gather in the Camp Hart parking lot, an event staff member will direct you where to line up
    • Everyone is asked to remain in their car until directed by the staff member to move to check-in.
  • When directed, and you arrive at the check-in area, the candidate will go to the check-in table.
    • For safety reasons, all others please remain in their vehicle.
  • The Candidate should have the following with them:
  • Once given the OK to enter camp, the candidate should retrieve their horseshoe pack, say goodnight to their ride and proceed to the assigned area. Vehicles should drive safely from the check-in area as to allow for the next candidate to check-in.

Check-OUT Process

  • Pick-up vehicles should arrive to pick-up their scout(s) NO sooner than 6:30pm and park in the Camp Hart parking lot.
  • All new members will be released on Saturday evening after their induction ceremony around 6:30pm, grab their horseshoe pack and proceed to the parking lot for pick-up.

Please understand that this will be our first ordeal weekend during these very different times, and we are striving to maintain the safety of yourselves, your family, our staff, and other campers in camp for the weekend.

Yours in Scouting,
Unami Lodge Ordeal Committee

September 16, 2020

This is a new year for many of us including the Lodge! Join us (or invite an elected candidate) for the first induction event of the year! Our Lodge has battled the twists and turns of this year and we have finally found an opportunity for those members of our scouting community most worthy of joining Scouting’s Honor Society to find the safest opportunity to join us.

This event is extremely limited so please sign up fast! There will be a wait list and we are still trying to schedule another induction weekend but the calendar is awfully tight. For more information about the ordeal and the Order of the Arrow, see our page for elected candidates.

Any and all questions can be answered at

COVID Specific Information

  • This event is a shine (no rain) event, so our rain date is the following weekend, October 16-17
    • Postponement of this event will be announced via email Thursday evening if it is necessary
  • Bring your own face covering
  • Fill out this form before leaving your house

Current Members of the Order of the Arrow

We need help to make this unique induction a success! All work will revolve around that. Please take this opportunity to give service to the lodge. Please reach out to if you are interested.