Elected Candidates

Congratulations on your election to the Order of the Arrow, Scouting’s National Honor Society. To be chosen by your fellow Scouts for membership is a great honor, and you should be proud of your election. As a candidate for membership, you more than likely have many questions. Hopefully, this page answers them all for you, and prepares you for the next step in your journey!

What is the Order of the Arrow?

The Order of the Arrow is Scouting’s National Honor Society. Each local BSA council has their own group of the Order of the Arrow called a lodge. Our lodge, Unami Lodge, One is the first lodge founded. In 1915, Dr. E. Urner Goodman and Carroll A. Edson began the Order of the Arrow at Treasure Island Camp to recognize those Scouts and Scouters who best exemplified the Scout Oath and Scout Law in their daily life – just like you! In 1948, the Order of the Arrow became an official program of the Boy Scouts of America. In 2019, membership in the Order of the Arrow expanded to welcome new members from Scouts BSA troops, Venturing crews, and Sea Scout ships, both male and female participants alike.

What is the Purpose of the Order of the Arrow?

At its core, the Order of the Arrow has four main areas of purpose: To recognize those who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives. To promote camping, responsible outdoor adventure, and environmental stewardship in the unit, year-round and in summer camp. To develop leaders with the willingness, character, spirit, and ability to advance the activities of their units, our Order, and Scouting. To crystallize the Scout habit of helpfulness into a life purpose of leadership in cheerful service to others.

When can I complete my Ordeal?

As a newly elected candidate, completing your Ordeal and becoming a full member in the Order of the Arrow is the next step in your membership journey. From the time of your election, you have 18 months to complete your Ordeal; There are multiple opportunities offered throughout the year for you complete your Ordeal. Please see the list below for the most up-to-date ordeal opportunities.

Upcoming Ordeal Opportunities
Visit our calendar at UnamiLodge.org/calendar to see all other upcoming events!

Why is the Ordeal such a big secret?

Unami Lodge, One does not intend to keep any information from its newly elected candidates. However, any secrecy around the Ordeal is meant for a single purpose: the Experience. Revealing too much information before the Ordeal would hurt the full experience of your membership journey. The Ordeal is meant to be a chance for you to reflect on Scouting and grow in your service to others.

What should I bring to my Ordeal?

Ten Essentials: Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad, Tarp, Tent with ground cloth (for after your Ordeal), work clothes, work gloves, personal grooming gear, full Field (Class A) Scout Uniform (for your induction ceremony), a current and complete BSA Medical form (along with any prescription medications), and A POSITIVE SCOUT ATTITUDE!

Make sure you check out the Ordeal Packing Instructions for more details.

More Questions?

If you have any other question, or if you would like to confirm eligibility, please feel free to contact us at ordeal@unamilodge.org.