Lodge Officers

Positon Name Email
Lodge Chief Liam Lynch liam.lynch@unamilodge.org
First Vice Chief Terence "T.K." Lindsay terence.lindsay@unamilodge.org
Second Vice Chief Zach Kline zachary.kline@unamilodge.org
Secretary Skye Kramer skye.kramer@unamilodge.org
Treasurer Paul Siminuk paul.siminuk@unamilodge.org
Lodge Adviser Craig Cless craig.cless@unamilodge.org
Associate Lodge Adviser Todge Sutkowski todge.sutkowski@unamilodge.org
Associate Lodge Adviser Fred Lynch fred.lynch@unamilodge.org
Associate Lodge Adviser Paul Dallatore paul.dallatore@unamilodge.org
Finance Adviser Gregg Slocum gregg.slocom@unamilodge.org
Lodge Staff Adviser John Bickel staffadviser@unamilodge.org
Supreme Chief of the Fire Daniel Templar supremechief@unamilodge.org