2024 SS1 Rules and Procedures

March 28, 2024


During Spring Service One at Musser Scout Reservation we will be holding our first general members meeting of the lodge year. During this time, all members in good standing are invited to attend and contribute to the future of our lodge. We will have two business items for all youth and youth-adult members to vote upon and contribute to these proposed changes to our lodge’s Rules and Procedures. Links to review the proposed changes are included at the bottom of this email.

We ask that after breakfast on Sunday morning, all members remain in the dining hall to attend.

Below, you will find the current Agenda for Sunday’s meeting. Please take the time to review the agenda to be prepared for this meeting. We are so excited to get our lodge year rockin and rollin along, and can’t wait to see you all there.

Yours in Brotherhood, The 2024 Lodge Officers

Proposed Inductions Changes

Proposed Conclave Changes

Spring Service 1 - General Members Meeting Agenda