Brotherhood Blitz

October 17, 2023

Seal your Bonds of Brotherhood! Unami will be hosting a Brotherhood Blitz on Saturday, November 11th at Nelson Training Center in Camp Delmont. This one day event allows eligible Ordeal members to perform cheerful service, walk the Brotherhood Trail and learn more about our lodge, complete their ceremony, and be home from camp before dinner!

Those Ordeal members who completed their Ordeal at or before Spring Service 2 (May 2023) are eligible to seal the Bonds of Brotherhood at the Brotherhood Blitz! But why should I do it? Becoming a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow is the next step in your membership journey. While your Ordeal signifies a commitment to your troop, Brotherhood represents your commitment to serve the lodge and your fellow Scouts at the next level. Sealing the Bond is your gateway to strengthening your ties to the lodge.

Registration closes November 4. We look forward to seeing all eligible members at this year’s Blitz! Email with any questions.