Due to weather concerns, the project at Mount Moriah has been postponed. Our project at the Chester Park Nature Trail is still ongoing. Stay tuned for updates.

Spring Service 2 Projects

May 05, 2022

We have a lot of projects to work on at Spring Service next weekend! Make sure to sign up soon; registrations closes Wednesday night. Don’t forget good working and painting clothes - we’ll be getting dirty!


  • Unami Lodge Interior & Exterior
  • Latrines
  • Bear Paw and Deer Run Pavilions
  • Bulletin Boards

Building Renovations

  • 2 Latrine Roofs
  • Family Cabin 5 Renovation
  • Trooper Lodge Interior Demolition
  • Family Cabin 6 Interior Demolition


  • Entrance stone wall repair
  • Check in area garden stonework
  • Picnic table replacement/repair
  • Trail Marking
  • Vigil site prep
  • Wibit transportation and testing
  • Clear below power lines
  • NAV rebuilding
  • Cot Repair
  • Power washing Firestone, Dining Hall, Well Pit, Latrine cement
  • Pool surge pit Plaster repair (maybe)