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Lodge Officer Elections

November 01, 2020 Updating Thread

November 1, 2020

Congratulations to all our 2021 Lodge Officers!

Chief - Patrick Lynch
Vice Chief 1 - William Beardsley
Vice Chief 2 - Liam Lynch
Secretary - Riley Metzler
Treasurer - Patrick White

October 29, 2020

October 27, 2020

October 23, 2020

October 22, 2020

October 13, 2020

To Youth of Unami Lodge,

Due to the pandemic, the Lodge Key 3, the Supreme Chief of the Fire and the Lodge Operations Committee have created a new innovative way to conduct our Lodge Elections Virtually. The elections are going to be split up across a week this year. Each voting period will be exactly 12 hours and the results will be sent out via email/social media livestream the next day. All youth members in Unami Lodge will be sent a google form to the email they registered with in lodgemaster (This form will only be sent to the primary email that you have signed up with). If you have any questions about what email was used to join the lodge, please email It is very important that you use the same email that was sent to you to vote for this upcoming election because votes coming from email that we do not recognize in lodge master will not be counted. If you and a fellow arrowman share an email address make sure you send an email to Lodge Operations so they do not count your vote as a duplicate. If we are not aware of any relationship that was stated then only the first vote of the duplicate emails will be counted. The times listed below are when the Lodge Elections are going to happen. Thank you all for your patience during these difficult times in the lodge. Below is a list of what constitutes suspicious activity and what will happen if these things occur. We hope that you can take time out of your day to participate in the democracy that makes our lodge thrive. The speeches will be included in the google form that will be sent out.

Lodge Operations Committee

Lodge Chief: Monday, October 26th from 7AM to 7PM (Results will be announced Tuesday, October 27th)
Vice Chief: Wednesday, October 28th from 7AM to 7PM (Results will be announced on Thursday, October 29th)
Treasurer/Secretary: Friday, October 30th from 7AM to 7PM (Results will be announced on Saturday, October 31st)

  • If an email is not on LodgeMaster then that vote will not be counted
    • An email will be sent only to the primary email in LodgeMaster
  • If duplicate emails appear they will not be counted
    • Unless it has been approved by the lodge operations (siblings have same email address)
    • In LodgeMaster you must have the same primary email address
  • Any voting that happens after the elections will not be accepted
  • If a member is not found to be in LodgeMaster their vote will not be counted
  • If a member tries to vote multiple times or on the behalf of another member, those votes will not be counted

October 5, 2020

Without a traditional Fall Fellowship, Lodge Officer elections are being held online this year! This article will be updated with the exact details this coming Tuesday, October 13. An email will also accompany this update. Until then, your candidates are listed below.

  • Chief
    • Pat Lynch
    • Jason Abiuso
  • Vice Chief
    • Liam Lynch
    • Will Beardsley
  • Treasurer
    • Griffen O’Brien
    • Pat White
  • Secretary
    • Riley Metzler

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