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Virtual Fellowship Day

November 18, 2020

This Saturday, November 21st, Unami Lodge, One will be hosting a virtual fellowship event! The event is open to all arrowmen, especially those that just completed their ordeal! All the information you will need to know is posted below.

All activities will be hosted either over Zoom or YouTube Live. All links are provided via email.

You are welcome to join in on all activities or you can pick and choose what activities you want to participate in. Every activity will be a worthwhile time with your brothers so join if you can.


Time Event Description
9 - 10 New Officer Q&A Ask the incoming and outgoing any dire questions you have about the OA or our lodge
10 - 11 Jeopardy & Kahoot Join and play scouting and OA related Kahoots and Jeopardy. Jeopardy teams will consists of you and your chapter members
11 - 12 Scavenger Hunt Compete against other arrowmen to find the most items on our list without leaving the comfort of your own home
12 - 1 Lunch Break
1 - 2 New Members Gathering If you have been inducted into the lodge within the past year this is for you! The ordeal committee will be running through ice breakers and a Q&A
1 - 2 Pre-LLD Discussion This is for returning members of the lodge ONLY. We will be having a discussion about the content of LLD to get our brains flowing. This will be led by the LLD Committee
2 - 3 Live Cedar Log Podcast Listen in to one of our history committee’s Cedar Log podcast. They will be interviewing past Unami lodge chiefs to get to know about the past of the lodge
3 - 4 Cracker Barrel / Ice cream Social Log in and enjoy true fellowship time with your brothers! We will be utilizing breakout rooms so you can meet new people from the lodge. Eating ice cream is highly encouraged during this time!

If you have any questions please email the Events Committee at We hope to see you all on the call!