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Spring Services 1 & 2

Spring Service 1 was a hit, let's see what 2 has in store!

Community Service Day

Join us on one of our greatest excursions of the year into our own backyard!

107th Lodge Dinner

Unami Lodge's oldest tradition! Come join us to celebrate the new year.

Lodge Leadership Development

In December, the Lodge Leadership Development committee will be hosting Unami's annual LLD training.

Meet Our 2023 Lodge Officers

Give a round of applause for these exemplary Arrowmen!

2022 OATC Recap

Take a walk through Philmont with our Chief, Patrick Lynch as he guides us through the adventure he had this past summer.

2022 Polestar

Experience the OA's newest training aimed at transforming the induction experience along with those who lead it.

2022 NOAC Recap

NOAC 2022 was an unforgettable experience for all those from our Unami Lodge, One Contingent that attended. From the shows to Ultimate Frisbee to ceremonies competitions, to patch trading, NOAC had it all! For many of our contingent members, it was their first NOAC! TO hear from a few of our contingent members on their experience, click the link below!

Fall Fellowship

Everyone’s favorite fall event is almost here at the renowned Resica Falls Scout Reservation! There’s some work to do as we help clean up camp and prepare it for the winter season. Do not fret, there will be fun fellowship as well as this year’s themes enter their final form: the Modern Era.