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Unami Lodge maintains a suite of tools intended to facilitate communication at the Lodge Executive Committee (LEC), Chapter, and General Membership levels. Many of these tools are well documented household names, and as a result, generally require little introduction. The following knowledge-base content is designed to provide Unami Lodge specific context for each tool’s expected use case(s), and link to platform specific documentation where appropriate.

Whether you’ve been linked to this landing as a part of lodge leadership position on-boarding, or found it organically - thank you for your interest, and service.

The lodge’s Communications committee endeavors to provide easy access to useful information on the tools we provide. As such, please do not hesitate to reach out ( with any questions or suggestions for further content development.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new here, how does all this fit together? All the tools listed on this page are provided to members of Unami Lodge for lodge business. Google Workspace is the largest, and most essential, of the bunch. Though email and file sharing are probably the most common needs that Workspace fills, your account grants you access to nearly the full portfolio of Google services.

Slack is a messaging app who’s primary purpose is LEC business and associated sub-committee collaboration. That said, some Chapters also do make use of the platform in their own channels. Apps are available for both your computer and phone, making access easy. To log in, just visit

For more detailed information, check out the Documentation heading below, and “Read More” about anything that catches your eye!

Who can have an account? All those who hold a formal position in the lodge are automatically provided with Google Workspace & Slack accounts. Other accounts (ex. MailChimp) are provided by request, so don’t hesitate to ask! Outside of that, anyone with interest in using these tools to be active on the LEC or a Chapter level are encouraged to request an account. Account requests may be sent via email or posted on someone’s behalf in the #Communications Slack channel.

Can you help me recover my login details? Absolutely! Please do not hesitate to reach out to and we’ll be happy to help.


Google Workspace
Email, file sharing, and most everything else you need to get things done. This account is the basis for your collaboration needs.
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Messaging app for general LEC business, sub-committee collaboration, and Chapters. Available for both your computer and phone.
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Zoom & Google Meet
Video conferencing solutions for fully remote meetings and hybrid "call-in" scenarios. Great for big planned events, as well as small "on the fly" use.
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Email marketing platform. The only way to send email to large segments of Unami Lodge members (Ex. Chapters).
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