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Google Meet

For self-service video conference scheduling, Google Meet is a great option. Just head to, make sure you’re using your Google Workspace account (top right of the page), and off you go!

Google Meet supports web and phone app video conferencing, as well as “old school” phone dial-in.

To schedule a Meet ahead of time, create an event in your Google Calendar and select “Add Google Meet video conferencing.”

For more information, check out Google Meet training and help.


Zoom’s platform works well for for hybrid in person & remote collaboration. As such, this is what we use for things like Lodge Executive Committee meetings. Additionally, our premium Zoom account offers some advanced features that are not available on our Google Meet license such as meeting recording.

If you would like to use the Lodge’s Zoom room, reach out to the #Communications committee, and we’ll be happy to get you setup with a link.