The Thomas J. Richards Outstanding Service Award

The Thomas J. Richards Outstanding Service Award was established by the Lodge Executive Committee in October of 2010. Tom — a past lodge committee chairman, officer, and section chief who had been recognized with the Vigil Honor and Founder’s Award — passed away in the early morning hours of August 17th of that year. Only nineteen years old at the time of his passing, Tom was about to enter his sophomore year at Penn State University, studying political science and history. An amazing friend, brother, and Scout, Tom will always be remembered by his friends as the one and only “Super Chief.”

The Thomas J. Richards Award for Outstanding Service is used to recognize those youth Arrowmen who do exactly that: serve their lodge, Unami, One, to an outstanding degree. Unselfish service and an exemplary performance of one’s role in the lodge are the main factors considered by the selection committee.

Year Name
2023 Martin Stacey
2023 Paul Siminuk
2023 Skye Kramer
2023 Colin Darcas
2022 Mara Strauss
2022 Liam Lynch
2022 Zachary Kline
2022 Noah Goldberg
2021 Phillip "PJ" Weidman
2021 Patrick Lynch
2021 Tristan Hunter
2021 Jason Abiuso
2020 Matthew Luke
2020 Anthony Glass
2020 William Beardsley
2019 Eoghan Pleis
2019 Riley Metzler
2019 Austin Groeber
2019 Luke Clancy
2018 Rhys Wallace
2018 James Owen Patane
2018 Luke Cihak
2018 Aidan Campbell
2017 Andrew Doggett
2017 Seth Arinsberg
2017 Sean Plunkett
2017 Michael Calliagas
2016 Joshua Sirken
2016 Spencer Hespenheide
2016 Alexander Cross
2016 Patrick G. Campbell
2015 Kevin Rossi
2015 Jeromy Hafer
2015 Ethan Lewis
2015 Christopher Kelly
2014 Sebastian Weinmann
2014 Patrick Lewis
2014 Andrew Kissling
2014 Collin Henry
2013 Timothy Reppert
2013 Matthew Gutterman
2013 John Gerlach
2013 Paul Bowman
2012 Kieron Pleis
2012 David Gibbons
2012 Zachary Cross
2011 Donald Potts Jr.
2011 Steven Mach
2011 Sean Bobbie
2010 Jon Messerschmidt