The Centurion Award

The Centurion Award was a one-time recognition associated with the centennial anniversary of the OA that was bestowed by the national Order of the Arrow committee. It was modeled after a similar program in the BSA’s 100th anniversary celebration, the 2010 National Hall of Leadership. The Centurion Award highlighted “Hometown Heroes,” or Arrowmen who have meaningfully contributed to the forming, maturing and ongoing operational excellence of their local council’s lodge, and who, in doing so, inspired others to follow in their footsteps. These honorees will serve as exemplars of leadership, modeling to others a commitment to cheerful service as the Order of the Arrow enters its second century.

Jeffrey A. Aster
John M. Bickel
Charles J. "Chuck" Benshetler
Christian F. Brenner
Thomas G. Cairns
George W. Chapman
Mark J. Chilutti
Col. Carroll A. Edson
Michael G. Comfort
Michael J. Coyne
Henry "Hank" Faucett
Jack Foster
Dr. E. Urner Goodman
G. Kellock Hale Jr.
Dr. William M. Hinkle
Philip M. Hittner
Horace P. Kern
George G. Lower
John W. "Mac" MacFarland
Steven T. Mach
Frank L. Manton
Glenn P. McCrea
Joseph N. Pattison
Steven A. Ranjo
Thomas J. Richards
Robert V. Runyon
Howard Seideman
Dr. David H. Sirken
Harry A. Yoder