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Unit Election Adult Nomination

Upon holding a troop or team election for youth candidates that results in at least one youth candidate being elected, the unit committee may nominate registered unit adults (age 21 or over) to the lodge adult selection committee. The number of adults nominated can be no more than one-third of the number of youth candidates elected, rounded up where the number of youth candidates is not a multiple of three. In addition to the one-third limit, the unit committee may nominate the currently-serving unit leader (but not assistant leaders), as long as he or she has served as unit leader for at least the previous 12 months.

Nominee Information



The camping requirement is the same as for the youth. Currently, that is a minimum of fifteen days and nights of scout camping under the auspices and standards of the Boy Scouts of America within the last two years. This is to be done as six days and five nights of long term camping with the remainder being weekend or equivalent short term camping.

Start & End Date Location
Long Term
Short Term 1
Short Term 2
Short Term 3
Short Term 4
Short Term 5
Short Term 6
Short Term 7
Short Term 8
Short Term 9
Adult Leader Recommendation Unit Recommendation
District/Council Recommendation
Lodge to notify candidate(s).
Unit to notify candidate(s).

Submission Information

Submission of this recommendation form does not guarantee approval by the Lodge Adult Selection Committee. Each nominee receiving Lodge approval will receive a written membership invitation. Adult nominations take approximately two weeks for processing and approval.

Do not assume that nomination data has been successfully submitted until a confirmation number is shown.

Please e-mail the communications committee with any questions or troubles regarding this form.

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