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Unami Lodge One, Founding Lodge of the Order of the Arrow

Lodge Executive Committee Contact List

Position Name Email
Executive Officers
Lodge Chief Aidan Campbell chief@UnamiLodge.org
Vice-Chief 1 Garrett Witherington vc1@UnamiLodge.org
Vice-Chief 2 Sean Plunkett vc2@UnamiLodge.org
Treasurer Seth Arinsberg treasurer@UnamiLodge.org
Secretary Luke Clancy secretary@UnamiLodge.org
Lodge Adviser Dennis Abernethy lodgeadviser@UnamiLodge.org
Associate Lodge Adviser Timothy English tim.english@UnamiLodge.org
Associate Lodge Adviser David King david.king@UnamiLodge.org
Associate Lodge Adviser Jerry Reed jerry.reed@UnamiLodge.org
Lodge Staff Adviser John Bickel staffadviser@UnamiLodge.org
Supreme Chief of the Fire Daniel Templar supremechief@UnamiLodge.org
Advisory Board
Finance Adviser Gregg Slocum finance@UnamiLodge.org
Immediate Past Chief Jeromy Hafer pastchief@UnamiLodge.org
Lodgemaster Adviser Lawrence Neibauer lneibauer@UnamiLodge.org
Memorabilia Show Adviser Paul Bowman paul.bowman@UnamiLodge.org
Medical Records Adviser Lee Faden lfaden@UnamiLodge.org
Lodge Committees
American Indian Affairs Chair Matthew Horan aia@UnamiLodge.org
American Indian Affairs Adviser Scott Mann aia@UnamiLodge.org
American Indian Affairs Assoc. Adviser Brett Davis aia@UnamiLodge.org
Brotherhood Chair Patrick Lynch brotherhood@UnamiLodge.org
Brotherhood Adviser Brian Lewis brotherhood@UnamiLodge.org
Camp Promotions Chair Liam Lynch camppromotions@UnamiLodge.org
Camp Promotions Adviser Melissa Sirken camppromotions@UnamiLodge.org
Ceremonies Chair Austin Groeber ceremonies@UnamiLodge.org
Ceremonies Adviser Andrew Doggett ceremonies@UnamiLodge.org
Ceremonies Assoc. Adviser Michael Comfort ceremonies@UnamiLodge.org
Communications Chair Matthew Luke communications@UnamiLodge.org
Communications Vice-Chair Alexander Ziemba communications@UnamiLodge.org
Communications Adviser Matt Gutterman communications@UnamiLodge.org
Communications Assoc. Adviser David Gibbons communications@UnamiLodge.org
Events Chair Anthony Glass events@UnamiLodge.org
Events Vice-Chair Riley Metzler events@UnamiLodge.org
Events Adviser Heather Filer events@UnamiLodge.org
Events Assoc. Adviser Patrick Camplbell events@UnamiLodge.org
Events Assoc. Adviser Robert Deck events@UnamiLodge.org
History Chair Rhys Wallace history@UnamiLodge.org
History Adviser Michael Comfort history@UnamiLodge.org
History Assoc. Adviser Phil Hittner history@UnamiLodge.org
Leadership Development Chair Andrew Geer leadershipdevelopment@UnamiLodge.org
Leadership Development Adviser Thomas Luke leadershipdevelopment@UnamiLodge.org
Leadership Development Assoc. Adviser Gary Hodge leadershipdevelopment@UnamiLodge.org
Lodge Operations Chair Luke Cihak lodgeoperations@UnamiLodge.org
Lodge Operations Adviser Paul Bowman lodgeoperations@UnamiLodge.org
Lodge Operations Assoc. Adviser Stuart Bowman lodgeoperations@UnamiLodge.org
Membership Chair Jeromy Hafer membership@UnamiLodge.org
Membership Adviser Steven Mach membership@UnamiLodge.org
Membership Assoc. Adviser Lee Faden membership@UnamiLodge.org
Membership Assoc. Adviser Christopher Smith membership@UnamiLodge.org
Ordeal Chair Seth Lavelle ordeal@UnamiLodge.org
Ordeal Adviser Todd Malora ordeal@UnamiLodge.org
Ordeal Associate Adviser James Cooke ordeal@UnamiLodge.org
Ordeal Associate Adviser Alicia Tryon ordeal@UnamiLodge.org
Service Chair Arron Liebel service@UnamiLodge.org
Service Co-Adviser Robert Burkhart service@UnamiLodge.org
Service Co-Adviser Daniel Lyons service@UnamiLodge.org
Unit Election Chair Ethan Graeff unitelections@UnamiLodge.org
Unit Election Vice-Chair Will Beardsley unitelections@UnamiLodge.org
Unit Election Adviser Paul Dallatore unitelections@UnamiLodge.org
Unit Election Assoc. Adviser Tom Tryon unitelections@UnamiLodge.org
Unit Representative Chair PJ Weidman unitrep@UnamiLodge.org
Unit Representative Vice-Chair Owen Boles unitrep@UnamiLodge.org
Unit Representative Adviser Larry Arinsberg unitrep@UnamiLodge.org
Unit Representative Associate Adviser Ronald Pleis unitrep@UnamiLodge.org
Vigil Honor Chair Michael Calliagas vigil@UnamiLodge.org
Vigil Honor Adviser Matthew McGovern vigil@UnamiLodge.org
Vigil Honor Associate Adviser Brett Montich vigil@UnamiLodge.org
Vigil Honor Associate Adviser Tim Reppert vigil@UnamiLodge.org
Baden Powell Chapter
Chief Brendan Flanagan BadenPowell@UnamiLodge.org
Vice-Chief Jason Abiuso BadenPowell@UnamiLodge.org
Secretary Joseph Dolan BadenPowell@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser Todd Malora BadenPowell@UnamiLodge.org
Conestoga Chapter
Chief George Lipchock Jr. Conestoga@UnamiLodge.org
Vice-Chief Eric Tanzosh Conestoga@UnamiLodge.org
Secretary Michael DiStefano II Conestoga@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser Vacant Conestoga@UnamiLodge.org
Assoc. Adviser George Lipchock Sr. Conestoga@UnamiLodge.org
Constellation Chapter
Chief Matt Luke Constellation@UnamiLodge.org
Vice-Chief Andrew Geer Constellation@UnamiLodge.org
Secretary Luke LoSasso Constellation@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser Theodore (Todge) Sutkowski Constellation@UnamiLodge.org
Continental Chapter
Chief Gavin Frederick Continental@UnamiLodge.org
Vice-Chief Matthew Reitenbaugh Continental@UnamiLodge.org
Secretary Matthew Reitenbaugh Continental@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser Craig Cless Continental@UnamiLodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Alicia Tryon Continental@UnamiLodge.org
General Nash Chapter
Chief Patrick Lynch GeneralNash@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser Chris Nagele GeneralNash@UnamiLodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Larry Brasch GeneralNash@UnamiLodge.org
Lafayette Chapter
Chief Stanley Matusheski Lafayette@UnamiLodge.org
Vice-Chief Seth Huff Lafayette@UnamiLodge.org
Secretary Brendan Pippert Lafayette@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser Stuart Bowman Lafayette@UnamiLodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Michael Matusheski Lafayette@UnamiLodge.org
Minquas Chapter
Chief Matthew Box Minquas@UnamiLodge.org
Vice-Chief Robert Seifrit Minquas@UnamiLodge.org
Secretary Charles Haynes Minquas@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser John McLaughlin Minquas@UnamiLodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Mike Penzone Minquas@UnamiLodge.org
Northern Chapter
Chief Malachi Solomon Northern@UnamiLodge.org
Vice-Chief Shamar Wilkins Northern@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser Wayne Saunders Northern@UnamiLodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Edward Rigler Northern@UnamiLodge.org
Roosevelt Chapter
Chief Michael Calliagas Roosevelt@UnamiLodge.org
Vice-Chief Tristan Hunter Roosevelt@UnamiLodge.org
Secretary Andrew Rilling Roosevelt@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser Bob Deck Roosevelt@UnamiLodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Steven Leopold Roosevelt@UnamiLodge.org
Triune Chapter
Chief Ryan Hodge Triune@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser Steve Schaefer Triune@UnamiLodge.org
Washington Chapter
Chief Ethan LaFond Washington@UnamiLodge.org
Vice-Chief Shane O'Neill Washington@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser Larry Arinsberg Washington@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser Jeffery Klanderman Washington@UnamiLodge.org

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