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Unami Lodge One, Founding Lodge of the Order of the Arrow

Lodge Executive Committee Contact List

Position Name Email
Executive Officers
Lodge Chief Jeromy Hafer Chief@UnamiLodge.org
VC of Program Walter Waholek VC_Program@UnamiLodge.org
VC of Administration Aidan Campbell VC_Admin@UnamiLodge.org
VC of Chapters Michael Calliagas VC_Chapters@UnamiLodge.org
Treasurer Anthony Glass Treasurer@UnamiLodge.org
Secretary Gary Hodge Secretary@UnamiLodge.org
Lodge Adviser Dennis Abernethy LodgeAdviser@UnamiLodge.org
ALA of Program Brett Davis ALA_Program@UnamiLodge.org
ALA of Administration Jeffrey Aster ALA_Administration@UnamiLodge.org
ALA of Chapters Timothy English ALA_Chapters@UnamiLodge.org
Lodge Staff Adviser John Bickel StaffAdviser@UnamiLodge.org
Supreme Chief of the Fire Dan Templar SupremeChief@UnamiLodge.org
Administration Committees
Operations Chairman Luke Cihak LodgeOperations@UnamiLodge.org
Operations Adviser Stuart Bowman LodgeOperations@UnamiLodge.org
Operations Assoc. Adviser Paul Bowman LodgeOperations@UnamiLodge.org
Leadership Development Chairman Luke Clancy LeadershipDevelopment@UnamiLodge.org
Leadership Development Adviser Mark Chilutti LeadershipDevelopment@UnamiLodge.org
Unit Support Chairman Vacant UnitSupport@UnamiLodge.org
Unit Support Adviser Vacant UnitSupport@UnamiLodge.org
Unit Elections Chairman George Lipchock UnitElections@UnamiLodge.org
Unit Elections Vice Chairman Eric Tanzosh UnitElections@UnamiLodge.org
Unit Elections Adviser Paul Dallatore UnitElections@UnamiLodge.org
Camp Promotions Chairman Patrick Lynch CampPromotions@UnamiLodge.org
Camp Promotions Vice Chairman Liam Lynch CampPromotions@UnamiLodge.org
Camp Promotions Adviser Melissa Sirken CampPromotions@UnamiLodge.org
Camp Promotions Assoc. Adviser Christian Brenner CampPromotions@UnamiLodge.org
Troop Representative Chairman Joshua Sirken TroopRep@UnamiLodge.org
Troop Representative Adviser Ronald Pleis TroopRep@UnamiLodge.org
Troop Representative Assoc. Adviser Larry Arinsberg TroopRep@UnamiLodge.org
Communications Chairman Joseph Gulian Communications@UnamiLodge.org
Communications Adviser Matthew Gutterman Communications@UnamiLodge.org
Communications Vice Chairman (Social Media) Vacant Communications@UnamiLodge.org
Communications Adviser (Social Media) Vacant Communications@UnamiLodge.org
Program Committees
Inductions Chairman Garrett Witherington Inductions@UnamiLodge.org
Inductions Adviser Alicia Tryon Inductions@UnamiLodge.org
Ordeal Chairman Rhys Wallace Ordeal@UnamiLodge.org
Ordeal Adviser Todd Malora Ordeal@UnamiLodge.org
Brotherhood Chairman Matthew Horan Brotherhood@UnamiLodge.org
Brotherhood Adviser Brian Lewis Brotherhood@UnamiLodge.org
Vigil Honor Co-Chairman Owen Patane Vigil@UnamiLodge.org
Vigil Honor Co-Chairman Sean Plunkett Vigil@UnamiLodge.org
Vigil Honor Adviser Matthew McGovern Vigil@UnamiLodge.org
Vigil Honor Assoc. Adviser Timothy Reppert Vigil@UnamiLodge.org
AIA Chairman Pat Lewis AIA@UnamiLodge.org
AIA Adviser Robert Mann AIA@UnamiLodge.org
Ceremonies Chairman Austin Groeber Ceremonies@UnamiLodge.org
Ceremonies Adviser Andrew Doggett Ceremonies@UnamiLodge.org
Fellowship Chairman Sean Plunkett Fellowship@UnamiLodge.org
Fellowship Adviser David King Fellowship@UnamiLodge.org
Fellowship Assoc. Adviser Robert Deck Fellowship@UnamiLodge.org
Events Chairman Seth Arinsberg Events@UnamiLodge.org
Events Adviser George Lipchock Events@UnamiLodge.org
Service Chairman Aaron Libel Service@UnamiLodge.org
Service Assoc. Adviser Dan Lyons Service@UnamiLodge.org
Service Assoc. Adviser Robert Burkhart Service@UnamiLodge.org
Baden Powell Chapter
Chief Phillip Weidman BadenPowell@UnamiLodge.org
Vice Chief RJ Carbone BadenPowell@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser Todd Malora BadenPowell@UnamiLodge.org
Conestoga Chapter
Chief Ethan Graeff Conestoga@UnamiLodge.org
Vice-Chief Admin Kevin Tanzosh Conestoga@UnamiLodge.org
Vice-Chief Program Anthony Zuppo Conestoga@UnamiLodge.org
Secretary Logan Crosby Conestoga@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser Edward (Jamie) Flick Conestoga@UnamiLodge.org
Assoc. Adviser George A. Lipchock Sr. Conestoga@UnamiLodge.org
Constellation Chapter
Chief Andrew Geer Constellation@UnamiLodge.org
Vice-Chief Matt Luke Constellation@UnamiLodge.org
Secretary James Blaisse Constellation@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser Theodore (Todge) Sutkowski Constellation@UnamiLodge.org
Continental Chapter
Chief Garrett Witherington Continental@UnamiLodge.org
Treasurer Jacob Eames Continental@UnamiLodge.org
Secretary Stephen Repa Continental@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser Craig Cless Continental@UnamiLodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Alicia Tryon Continental@UnamiLodge.org
General Nash Chapter
Chief Arron Liebel GeneralNash@UnamiLodge.org
Vice-Chief Patrick Lynch GeneralNash@UnamiLodge.org
Secretary Liam Lynch GeneralNash@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser Chris Nagele GeneralNash@UnamiLodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Larry Brasch GeneralNash@UnamiLodge.org
Lafayette Chapter
Chief Bill Bray Lafayette@UnamiLodge.org
Vice-Chief Joseph Gulian Lafayette@UnamiLodge.org
Secretary Harrison Kutz Lafayette@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser Stuart Bowman Lafayette@UnamiLodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Michael Matusheski Lafayette@UnamiLodge.org
Minquas Chapter
Chief Charlie Haynes Minquas@UnamiLodge.org
Vice-Chief Sasha Siomades Minquas@UnamiLodge.org
Secretary Matthew Box Minquas@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser John McLaughlin Minquas@UnamiLodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Mike Penzone Minquas@UnamiLodge.org
Northern Chapter
Chief Malachi Solomon Northern@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser Jim Cooke Northern@UnamiLodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Edward Rigler Northern@UnamiLodge.org
Roosevelt Chapter
Chief Timothy McFarland Roosevelt@UnamiLodge.org
Vice-Chief Ken Hein Roosevelt@UnamiLodge.org
Secretary Seth Lavelle Roosevelt@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser Bob Deck Roosevelt@UnamiLodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Steven Leopold Roosevelt@UnamiLodge.org
Triune Chapter
Chief Ryan Hodge Triune@UnamiLodge.org
Secretary George Fichera Triune@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser Steve Schaefer Triune@UnamiLodge.org
Washington Chapter
Chief Dawson Stremme Washington@UnamiLodge.org
Vice-Chief Ryan Walsh Washington@UnamiLodge.org
Vice-Chief Ethan LaFond Washington@UnamiLodge.org
Secretary Abraham Moss Washington@UnamiLodge.org
Adviser Larry Arinsberg Washington@UnamiLodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Bernard Hark Jr Washington@UnamiLodge.org
Advisory Board
Finance Adviser Gregg Slocum Finance@UnamiLodge.org
Immediate Past Chief Ethan Lewis PastChief@UnamiLodge.org
Membership Chairman Stanley Matusheski Membership@UnamiLodge.org
Membership Adviser Lee Faden Membership@UnamiLodge.org
2018 Conclave Chairman Rhys Wallace Conclave@UnamiLodge.org
2018 Conclave Adviser Steven Mach Conclave@UnamiLodge.org
NOAC 2018 Chairman Eoghan Pleis NOAC@UnamiLodge.org
Major Gifts Fundraiser Mark Chilutti Fundraiser@UnamiLodge.org
Special Projects Adviser Vacant Projects@UnamiLodge.org

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