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Unami Lodge One, Founding Lodge of the Order of the Arrow

The David Fortunato Outstanding Service Award

The David Fortunato Outstanding Service Award was established by the Lodge Executive Committee in November of 1996. Dave served as a professional scouter in the Philadelphia Council, and served in a number of advisory positions in the Order of the Arrow as a volunteer. Dave became the adviser of Delmont Lodge 43 in December of 1995, and his sage advice was instrumental in the successful completion of the merger of Delmont Lodge 43 and Unami Lodge One.

Dave was selected to serve as the first lodge adviser to the new Unami Lodge One. Unfortunately, Dave had been fighting cancer throughout this period. Because of his illness he resigned shortly after the merger became official in September of 1996. In October of 1996 Dave Fortunato passed away to join the other great scouters of the past.

Dave never had a chance to witness the completion of his work, but he would be proud of how the Lodge has developed.

The David Fortunato Award for Outstanding Service is used to recognize those adult Arrowmen who do exactly that: serve their lodge, Unami, One, to an outstanding degree. Unselfish service and an exemplary performance of one's role in the lodge are the main factors considered by the selection committee.

Award Recipients:

Jim Cooke
Paul Dallatore
Dave King
Larry Arinsberg
Chuck Bolger
Jim Burkhart
Gerald Messerschmidt
Lee Faden
Matthew McGovern
Robert Deck Jr.
Frances Rigler
Dennis Abernathy
Steve Mach
Don Potts Sr
Brian Texter
Brett Davis
Ernie Scardecchio
Jason Scardecchio
Michael A. Birkbeck
Christian F. Brenner
John D. McLaughlin Jr.
James Baker Sr.
Micheal G. Comfort
Timothy English
Gregg Slocum
Jeffrey A. Aster
Edward J. Lester Jr.
Ronald Pleis
Joseph "Jay" Tittermary
Jeremy Slocum
Kyle Hallowell
Paul Jonas
Dave Delong
Brian "Skip" Burkhardt
Mike McGoldrick
Brendan Fulmer
David Parillo
Will Ryales
Glen Clark
Todd Malora
Curtis Parker
Steve Ranjo
Will David
Chris Kulp
Tom Richards
Donald Blank
Chuck Brill
Warren Marley
Robert Ostrowski
David Bradley
Brian Johnson
Kyle Pleis
James Clark Sr.
Mike Coyne
A.J. Hite
David Schaub
Larry Neibauer
David Sirken
Chuck Tomlin
John Bickel
Greg Heleniak
Mark Chilutti
Harry Fetterolf
Scott Rubin
Bob Farrant
Mike Laganella
Frank Barger
Rich Otto
Mike Hilferty
Randy Blank
Bill Palmer, Jr.
Tommy Smith
Ken Nygard
Steven Zaretsky
Ed Clifford
Shane Magargal
Jim Price
Lambert Liebel, Jr.
Joseph Alessi
Joseph Brook
Richard Hefner
Jason Nasino
1997 & 98
Christian Grandzol
Michael P. Kelly
Matthew McGill
Matthew Pendergast
Trevor Smith
George Warren III

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