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Charles J. "Chuck" Benshetler Spirit of Camp Award

The purpose of The Charles J. "Chuck" Benshetler Spirit of Camp Leadership Award is to recognize those members of the Cradle of Liberty Council Summer Camp Staff who exemplify the best qualities that a camp staff member should possess. It is through the words and actions of these individuals that they are seen by their fellow staff members and put in the position of recognition.

Like Chuck, these individuals are always thinking about what is best for the scout camper and always trying to improve camp through their selfless actions. Chuck spent many years on camp staff and served in a multitude of positions during that time. He always set an example to the staff and tried to improve the camp in any little way that he could. It is in his memory and legacy that we recognize these brothers of the Order and Camp Staff which exemplify the same spirit of Camp Leadership.

Whether it is promoting the proper uniform, adding a new idea to a program area, leading a song at meals, counseling a scout with a problem, helping a scout learn a new skill, keeping morale among the staff, these individuals being honored with this award are always there to take on these such tasks and many more that may warrant their aid; just as Chuck would have cheerfully done.

Award Recipients:

Michael Calliagas
Luke Cihak
Andy Conell
Christopher Kelly
Ethan Lewis
Dan Lyons
Rhys Wallace
Melissa Sirken
Ken Nygard
Bernard Arinsberg
Patrick Campbell
Spencer Hespenheide
Brian Texter
Catherine Texter
Joshua Sirken
Dr. David Sirken
Nolan Hurst
Owen Patane
Andrew Kissling
Pat Lewis
Jake Verga (Ajapeu Lodge)
Matthew Fink
Larry Neibauer
Alex Cross
Zach Cross
Joey Fitzgerald
John Gerlach
Matt Gutterman
Spencer Robbins
Matt Brenner
Mike Coleman
Jerry Reed
Stephen Thomson
Brendan Fulmer
David Gibbons
Jeremy Kashan
Christian F. Brenner
Ben Hood
Steven Mach
John Bickel
Joseph "Jay" Tittermary
Rick Arcangel
Mike Gabage
Andrew Rupinski
Ray Tartaglia
Sean Bobbie
Jake Kelley
Nick McKee
Steve Ranjo

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