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Unami Lodge One, Founding Lodge of the Order of the Arrow

Serve Your Unit

Serve your unit. Retain your registration in Scouting.

During a period of at least 10 months, strive to fulfill your Obligation by continuing and expanding your service to your own troop or team.

You, like all Arrowmen, must strive to continue and expand the service to your unit. As Allowat Sakima said in the Pre-Ordeal ceremony, “Friends, those who chose you need you.”

Extending Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service to the members of your unit is your primary responsibility. Any activities within the Order of the Arrow should come only after you’ve fulfilled your duty to your unit. This is why one of the requirements for Brotherhood is that you stay active in your unit for a period of at least 10 months following your induction into the OA. By staying involved, and being a positive example to the Scouts in your troop, you can make a difference in a big way.

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